• “Spiritual Freedom”

  • Spiritual Freedom

  • “Pieces”

  • “In Homage to Nakashima”

  • “Symbiosis”

  • “In Support of the Gift that is the Tree”

  • “In Support of the Gift that is the Tree”

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  • “Organic Abstract Expressionism”

  • “Organic Abstract Expressionism”

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  • “Directions”

  • “Directions”

  • “A Coming Together”

  • “Pieces”

  • “Pieces”

  • “In Homage to Nakashima”




Bruce M. Schuettinger trained in the collegiate studio fine art community where he studied design, craft, and art history culminating in his graduation with honors in fine art from Towson State University in 1978. His main areas of study were studio furniture, abstract painting, and color theory. In 1978 he won the best of show in sculpture for his chair entitled “Lounge Chair 1” in the Student Senior Show. His influences at the time were the works of Jack Rodger Hopkins, Wendell Castle, George Nakashima, James Krenov, Marcel Breuer and Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. Bruce M. Schuettinger was also a painter where his influences and areas of study were the Tonalism, Abstracted Expressionism, Cubism, and Impressionism fine art movements and the works of J M W Turner, Claude Monet, William Da Kooning, Jasper Johns, and Josef Albers.

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A new age of creativity and craft skill has blossomed from more than thirty-five years as a trained wooden artifacts conservator, lecturer, teacher, and personal property appraiser. He has treated and lectured on furniture from Asia to America and from the Renaissance Period to the Studio Craft Movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s. These experience have created a significantly varied skill set relating to the design and fabrication of furniture to include all manner of joinery, carving, turning, inlay, marquetry, veneering as well as all forms of finishing from traditional French polish to modern low VOC coatings and decorating techniques from Faux graining to gilding. It is through this diverse association with furniture through the ages that Mr. Schuettinger relies on for his inspiration in designing and building of his furniture. Mr. Schuettinger is striving in production of his furniture to honor all of those great craftsmen who have come before him by creating pieces of functional art that exhibit the finest craftsmanship from the 18th and 19th centuries including the Gillows firm of Lancaster and London, John and Thomas Seymour of Boston, Francois Link of Paris, David Roentgen of Germany, and Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann of France.

In Mr. Schuettinger’s new work he strives to abide by LEED certification guidelines and Green and Best Practices. He also uses “old stock” wood or certified naturally downed trees so that live trees are not cut down and endangered and rare species are not further jeopardized. All naturally occurring aspects of the wood including knots, sapwood, and various grain pattern are considered in the production of his work as promoted by George Nakashima in his book “Soul of a Tree” . In his layout of his decoration and ornamentation of the wood show surfaces; he is essentially painting with wood where the color, variance in grain and color, and the refractive qualities of the wood are used as an artist uses paint from his pallet to create a piece for fine art.

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Exhibitions and Memberships


February 25- April 2
Rockville Maryland


April 21-24
NYC Pier 94


October 28-29
Hyatt Regency Crystal City Arlington Virginia

AD20/21 SHOW

April 6-9
Boston Cyclorama


September 7-10
Jackson Hole Wyoming


November 2-5
Chicago Navy Pier



The Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show

2014 and 2015

International Contemporary Furniture Fair NYC


Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center

2014, 2015, and 2016

Representing Galleries Harker Associates, Jackson Hole Wyoming


The Furniture Society
Sustainable Furnishings Council
The Wayne Center of Art
The American Society of Mosaic Artist
The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

Press Release

Western Art & Architecture by Mosart Furniture


We provide the following services:


Fine art furniture designs and fabrication.


Individually designed furniture to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients in the interior designer and architect communities.


Collaboration with other artists and craftsman in the design and creation of furniture.


Custom design and creation of new or old concepts for furniture.


As I walk through the woods or down the beach, I am surrounded by the visual gifts, which nature has provided. The interplay between the diagonal intersection of the branches of the trees, the colors and shapes of the shells and rocks lying upon the sand interspersed with the white foam all create visual inspiration for my art.

The wonderment and the Soul of the Tree has provided me with an extensive artist’s pallet from which I can paint with wood using the uniqueness of the grain characteristics as brush or pallet knife strokes. I am guided by spirit and those craftsman and artists who have come before me to, move nonfunctional and functional art to new levels, while adhering to the finest level of time tested craftsmanship.

In my life, I have seen so much waste and I do not want to discard any part of the wood board or cut down live trees to produce my art. This edict has propelled my work into the realm of Mosaic, which allows me to utilize even the smallest fragments. I use only old stock wood and sustainable materials whenever possible in the creation of all my furniture and art; always seeking out the interesting wood in a reclamation/second chance center or retied wood workers collection.

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